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There are a range of ways you can leverage The Digital Farmer network.

Featured Product Sponsorship

The Digital Farmer offers product owners the opportunity to become a Featured Product for a specific calendar month. Being the featured product is great opportunity to gain exposure for you product, increase downloads, grow your customer base and ultimately increase revenue.

Featured Product exposure includes:

  1. Prominent ‘Featured Product’ position on The Digital Farmer home page.
  2. Active Twitter promotion throughout the month.
  3. Active Facebook promotion throughout the month.
  4. Inclusion of an article in The Digital Farmer Newsletter.

You can become the Featured Product for only AU$300/month.

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Banner Ad Sponsorship

The Digital Farmer offers agricultural product owners and businesses a unique opportunity to position your products ad's right in front of your target market. The banners all include links to the website or social media platform you specify to ensure your next customers hit the mark easily.

There are three packages available:

  1. Home Screen Banner Ad - AU$30/month

  2. Categories Screen Banner Ad - AU$25/month

  3. Specific Primary Category Screen Banner Ad (6 available) - AU$20/ month

  4. Tweet News Screen Banner Ad - AU$15/month

 5. Blog Posts Screen Banner Ad - AU$15/month

Banner adds should be 728x90px and can be png or gif images.

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Become an Affiliate Product

There's no downside in increasing your products sale reach if you get more sales right. The Digital Farmer can become an additional channel for you to get your product in front of new customers and get them signed up. We'll do the sales work for you!

The Digital Farmer has a commission based affiliate program that is customisable for you needs and available for you to leverage today.

For more information please contact us to discuss how this might best suit your company and products.  

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Become a Content Contributor

The Digital Farmer is always looking for people who are also passionate about technology in agriculture to contribute to service. Becoming a contributor to the Digital farmer is a great way for you to gain industry exposure and get your name and expertise out there.

Contribution could involve:

  • Writing and updating product review content
  • Writing blogs for specific sector comparisons
  • Helping spread the word about The Digital Farmer
  • Inventing features we haven't even though of yet
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