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A dedicated digital magazine for small, part-time and lifestyle farmers.

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The Weekly Times' FARM magazine is dedicated to small, part-time and lifestyle farmers, gourmet food producers, niche growers, fans of farmers' markets and foodies everywhere. Now you can experience the monthly editions of FARM magazine like never before, with the new digital edition

FARM is a must read for anyone who owns, works on or is interested in a small, niche or lifestyle farm.


  • ‍Each issue of FARM includes practical information such as how-to-guides, industry reports and Q&As
  • Plus expert columnists and on-farm feature stories showcasing farms from across Australia
  • All the beautiful images you have come to expect from FARM, plus photo galleries bringing the farmers and their produce to life
  • Purchase both current and previous issues and keep all your FARM issues handy for easy reference.
  • FARM is a monthly magazine, published February – December (11 issues per year).
  • FARM magazine is produced by The Weekly Times, Australia’s most popular agribusiness and rural newspaper.

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Free to download with an in App Annual Subscription of $39.99.

This product overview was last updated on
March 20, 2016

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