Helps shoppers find their local Victorian accredited farmers’ market.

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The VFMA Farmers’ Market app helps shoppers find their local Victorian accredited farmers’ market, become regular farmers’ market shoppers and experience buying produce direct from the source.

It features a market search and locating map, together with features of the individual farmers’ markets including market venue features, producers that regularly attend, Victorian food news and information, as well as alerts that you can set to remind you to attend your favourite market each week. It is possible to also search by producer, filtering them by region, product category or name. 

It highlights seasonal produce and sends alerts when there is a glut of produce at the markets and good times to buy. It features loads of mouthwatering photos and information as well as a feedback tool.

The VMFA provides accredited farmers' markets the opportunity for our farmers to sell direct and take full credit for their efforts. By shopping at authentic farmers' markets customers are guaranteed access to quality, freshly harvested produce whilst supporting local farmers and directly putting money back into regional Victorian communities. If you're a farmer who is interested in becoming a part of the VMFA, your can read more and register on their website.

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This product overview was last updated on
March 20, 2016

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