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Comprehensive resource for veterinarians, animal health professionals, livestock producers, and students.

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The Veterinary Handbook app for cattle, sheep and goats is a comprehensive, mobile resource for veterinarians, animal health professionals, livestock producers, livestock handlers and veterinary and agricultural students.

This useful app includes information on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and associated syndromes of diseases in cattle, sheep and goats. You can filter your search by Species, Disease or Syndrome to quickly have animal health information at your fingertips to assist you whether in the field or at the office.

The Veterinary Handbook app has been adapted from ‘The Veterinary Handbook for the Livestock export industry’ by the Australian Livestock Export Corporation (LiveCorp) the RD&E service company for Australia’s cattle, sheep and goat exporters and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) the marketing and RD&E service company for Australia’s cattle, sheep and goat producers. As a result provides a range of information that includes:

  • Causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases and conditions known to occur in sheep, goats, dairy and beef cattle.
  • The process of disease recognition and investigation – how to detect, investigate and necropsy.
  • The management of feed and water during sea transport and potential related health and welfare problems
  • How to manage sick and injured livestock and safe and effective euthanasia

The Vet Handbook includes best-practice information and standardised approaches for veterinarians and stock people caring for exported Australian livestock.

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April 13, 2016

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