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A free online news and market intelligence service dedicated to the Australian sheep and wool industries.

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Product Description is a free online news and market intelligence service dedicated to the Australian sheep and wool industries.

It is independently owned and managed by two of Australia’s most experienced rural journalists, Jon Condon and James Nason.

Sheep Central’s editor is Terry Sim, based in Macarthur, Victoria, and the business development and advertising manager is Rod Hibberd.

Every day, is updated with business-focused content written specifically for the sheep and wool industries, including:

  • local, national and international industry news
  • market and price trends
  • supply and demand updates
  • sub-sections dedicated to each link in the sheepmeat and wool production chain, from breeding paddock to end-user
  • Weather and seasonal trends
  • important management information including profiles on successful sheep and wool industry enterprises, agribusiness news, research and development updates and comprehensive market wraps and analysis from across Australia.’s reporting provides context and perspective that only experience, knowledge and unparalleled industry contacts can provide.

Why Sheep Central online? There’s been a global shift towards web-based information and news services and Australian agriculture is perfectly positioned to benefit from this opportunity. The ability to source news as it happens, when it happens, gives geographically-challenged sheep and wool industry stakeholders the opportunity to make more informed business decisions.

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This product overview was last updated on
March 20, 2016

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