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Queensland Country Life is Northern Australia’s top selling weekly agricultural newspaper. It is a publication about people – the people of the bush, our readers and our clients.

Always has been, always will be.

The way Queensland Country Life gathers, presents and distributes news and information has changed dramatically over the years - but our commitment to doing so has never waned.

Queensland Country Life today is more relevant than it has ever been, it remains a voice, a champion for the bush, a meeting place and a business tool that gets results.

The Queensland Country Life eReader is another example of how Country Life connects people and delivers must have information. The enriches the traditional reading experience with interactive elements and exclusive content.

With the Queensland Country Life e-Reader you will be able to:

* View all the pages from the printed newspaper in vibrant colour with crisp clarity

* Gain access to additional content not included in the printed copy 

* Swipe left or right to toggle instantly between pages

* Pinch to zoom in and pan across each page

* Use the text only view to read articles with ease

* Read single pages on portrait view or flip the iPad to peruse two pages at once

* Browse stunning iPad-only picture galleries, videos, maps and graphs

* View all pages at once in grid view to easily access your favourite section or article

Product Cost Overview

To subscribe to the eEdition Only via their website (includes website and iPad app):

52 Weeks - $182.80

To subscribe to the eEdition iPad app only via an in-app subscription:

1 month - $14.99 

3 months - $43.99

6 months - $94.99

1 year - $189.99

This product overview was last updated on
March 20, 2016

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