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Phoenix Live makes any of the Phoenix modules data to be stored, accessible and shared via the Phoenix Cloud.

The Phoenix Live Difference

  • Access Phoenix anywhere any time. 
  • Have your data `Live` in the field. 
  • Authorise external access to your data whilst retaining complete control. 
  • Seamless workflows with your Accountant, Bookkeeper & Consultant. 
  • Software and data security is managed for you. 
  • Compare the costs - most effective cloud solution available. 
  • Single solution provider - financials, budgeting, production, GIS mapping.

What makes Phoenix Live better than the mainstream cloud providers?

  • ‍The mainstream providers cannot provide you with over 25 years experience of developing software that is designed for the agriculture industry.
  • We encourage you to compare the true costs once you add all of the extras on that the mainstream providers hide behind the cheap entry price.
  • You can have the flexibility of having an offline version of Phoenix as well.
  • We provide you with a single solution for all of your integrated farm business software needs.
  • You will appreciate our training and after sales support. Our customers tell us that this is our greatest point of difference.

The can view the Phoenix Modules here:

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February 26, 2017

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