A powerful Farm Business Management tool developed for the agribusiness industry.

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P2PAgri is a powerful Farm Business Management tool developed for the agribusiness industry.

It helps farmers and other professionals such as accountants and agronomists improve business decision making by modelling and assessing potential future management scenarios. It helps farmers explore the impact of important ‘what-if’ management strategies on their business, helping them to manage risks to their business and improve profitability.

P2PAgri has a mission to help farmers improve their business management skills in order to maintain sustainable and profitable businesses which can successfully manage the challenges of climate and market uncertainty. Currently, over 600 farm businesses and agricultural and accounting professionals have been trained in and have P2PAgri.

P2PAgri helps farmers and advisers to:

  • Assess and monitor business wealth and profitability through Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss budgets.
  • Calculate enterprise Costs of Production to improve business efficiency.
  • Calculate Business Performance Indicators such as Banking Ratios.
  • Improve business decision making with Scenario Analysis, answering ‘what if’ questions about the business.

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Free 7-day trial available but the subscription price beyond this is unknown.

This product overview was last updated on
March 20, 2016

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