Global database on registered animals from 80 different breed societies and various species.

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INSolutions is an add-on to the successful Internet Solutions web-based service that has been developed in Australia by the Agricultural Business Research Institute ABRI for application within the livestock industry.

INSolutions allows individual users to instantly access detailed information about registered animals from a complete electronic herdbook for the registered breed organisation. Information on registered animals includes a detailed statistics, animal pedigree, photos, a grid of estimated breeding values, EBVs and EPDs, as well an EBV and EPD graph allowing you to see animal performance at a glance.

INSolutions enables users to access a number of different services:

  • Sale Catalogues - Users can access online sale catalogues for single-vendor auction, multi-vendor auction & private treaty sales. In addition to the ability to access comprehensive information on each lot, a powerful search engine has also been incorporated that provides users with search and enquiry capabilities both within and across different catalogues.
  • Semen Catalogues - Online semen catalogues are made available providing a valuable service to users looking to source semen for use within their breeding program. Similar search functionality is available as to the sale catalogue facility.
  • Animal and Member Lookup - Users have access to a complete electronic herdbook of animal pedigree information and member information as recorded with the registered breed organisation. Users can search the herdbook using a variety of criteria including animal name and/or tag, breeder, birth year, sex, and where available EBVs and selection index values.

Internet Solutions services are now offered by over 80 registered breed organisations across various livestock species in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, North America, South Africa, Namibia, Argentina and the United Kingdom; with more than 3 million browser-based transactions being conducted every month. 

Among the 80 registered breed organisations are: Angus, Ayrshire, Beefmaster, Belgian Blue, Belmont Red, Blonde D'Aquitaine, Braford, Brahman, Brangus, Braunvieh, Brown Swiss, Charolais, Devon, Dexter, Droughtmaster, Galloway, Gelbvieh, Hereford, Holstein, Illawarra Shorthorn, Jersey, Limousin, Lowline, Maine-Anjou, Murray Grey, Red Angus, Salers, Santa Gertrudis, Shorthorn, Simmental, South Devon, and Wagyu.

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April 13, 2016

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