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View, edit, and create Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF files on your iOS device.

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Docs To Go Free App
Docs To Go Free App

Product Description

Office anywhere with Docs To Go: View, edit, and create Microsoft® Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint*) & view Adobe PDF® files on your iOS device.

Documents To Go® Free contains best-in-class document viewing & editing at no charge. Options for connecting to multiple cloud storage accounts, desktop file sync, and opening password-protected files are available via in-app purchase.

Standard Version Features:

  • Universal app. 
  • View, edit, and create MS Office files (97-2013).
  • View PDF, iWork, Text, .RTF files, and more! 
  • Send & receive supported email attachments using the built-in Mail app. 
  • Open & edit supported files within Docs To Go from any 3rd party app that supports the iOS "Open In" feature. 
  • File sorting manager (sort your file list by Name, Modified, Size, etc.)
  • Supports iTunes File Sharing via USB cable for manually moving files. 

Word to Go Features:

  • View, edit, and create Word (.doc, .docx) files 
  • Format font type, size, color, bold, italics, underline, and highlight text 
  • High fidelity viewing for embedded graphics, tables, comments, footnotes/endnotes, text boxes, table of contents, and hyperlinks 
  • Change paragraph alignment • Edit and/or insert bullets and numbering 
  • Multiple undo/redo 
  • Find & replace • Word count 

Sheet to Go Features:

  • View, edit, and create Excel (.xls, .xlsx) spreadsheets 
  • Freeze panes 
  • Sort 
  • Extensive cell & number formatting options, including: font type, size, color, alignment, fill, highlight, category, and decimal place) 
  • 111 functions supported • Insert, delete, resize, hide/unhide rows & columns 
  • Rename, insert, and delete worksheets 
  • Multiple undo/redo 
  • Find/find next 

Slideshow to Go Features:

  • In-slide PowerPoint editing 
  • Edit slide contents & formatting directly in the slide vs. a separate/outline view. 
  • Thumbnail slide sorter/view
  • High fidelity PowerPoint viewing, including: charts, MS Office SmartArt, and more
  • View/edit/add speaker notes
  • Sort slides• Promote/demote bullets
  • Open password protected PowerPoint 97-2013 files

PDF to Go Features:

  • Pinch-to-zoom to desired PDF page size/width 
  • Open password-protected PDFs

Product Cost Overview

Free with the following In-App Purchases:

  1. Premium Pack $26.99
  2. Cloud access add-on $10.99
  3. Desktop Sync add-on $10.99
  4. Password Protected file access add-on $10.99
This product overview was last updated on
March 20, 2016

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