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Contractor Cloud is an interactive platform which provides a simplified experience for rural employers and farmers to connect with professional rural contractors and casual workers.

The CC difference is that we aim to provide farmers and employers with a simplified, interactive and fast experience that is dedicated to connecting and employing professional contractors and complimentary casual workers in rural industries.

In summary we offer:

  1. A simplified process dedicated to connecting farmers with professional contractors, and also complimentary casual workers
  2. Due to being a dedicated site for farming and contracting professionals, we have a niche target audience therefore eliminating all other white noise, which reinforces our simplified experience
  3. Contractors and Casual workers set their own skill criteria through custom skill alerts… As jobs are posted on Contractor Cloud, the platform automatically aligns those jobs to suitable professional rural contractors or casuals workers based on their skill set – this means that jobs are sent immediately to the correct target audiences sooner and faster than before

Below are examples of the types of jobs you can fill:

Cotton Harvesting, Fruit Picking, Cooking, Grain Harvesting, Mustering, Cleaning, Fencing, Farm Hands, Nannies, Shearing, General Mechanics, Au pairs, Mulesing, Diesel Mechanics, Childcare, Earthmoving, Stock/Grain Transport, Gardening, Spraying, Rock Picking, Farm Sitting, Hay Bailing, Scrub Clearing, Horse Handler

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This product overview was last updated on
April 22, 2016

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