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A free online news and market intelligence service dedicated to the Australian beef industry.

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Product Description is a free online news and market intelligence service dedicated to the Australian beef industry.

It is independently owned and produced by two of Australia’s most experienced rural journalists, Jon Condon and James Nason. Business development and advertising manager is Rod Hibberd.

Why Beef Central?

  • Every day, is updated with content written specifically for the Australian beef industry, including:
  • local, national and international industry news
  • market and price trends
  • supply and demand updates
  • sections dedicated to production, processing, lotfeeding, live export and domestic and international beef trade
  • important management information including weather forecasts specific to your location, profiles on successful beef industry enterprises, research and development updates and comprehensive market wraps and analysis from across Australia
  • We provide the full picture of news and information of importance to the beef industry, from market and trend analysis to reporting industry and Government developments that matter to all industry stakeholders
  • We believe quality information should be available to everyone in the industry, which is why we have chosen to provide our content for free, supported by advertising revenue, ensuring it is accessible to all users without the requirement of a paid subscription

Beef Central’s news and information service is objectively written and independently researched by dedicated beef industry journalists supported by a national and international network of authoritative commentators and analysts.

In short, if it matters to the Australian beef industry, you will read about it on

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This product overview was last updated on
March 20, 2016

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