An online marketplace for farmers to post jobs to a extended network of workers.

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AgDraft is an online marketplace for farmers post jobs to a extended network of workers that are effectively “referenced checked’ by their peers, making hiring quick and reliable.

AgDraft’s specialised and trusted network gives farmers access to a far bigger pool of employees, who come from untapped demographics and locations across New South Wales and Australia.

The idea is that you can login to AgDraft from anywhere and post a job such as fencing, shearing, or header driving to the website. From this point, AgDraft does the work for you.

Once you post a job, (free of charge) we’ll notify all our contractors and workers with the skills and time availability you require. You just get on with your work and the workers will come to you with bids.

All workers and contractors on our website are verified by the AgDraft team and then profiled with reviews and recommendations.

Using AgDraft isn’t expensive either as it works on a system where employee’s bid against each other to try and secure the work. If the price is too high or the worker doesn’t have the right skills AgDraft has a No Obligation to hire policy. This website puts you in control of how much money you folk out.

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This product overview was last updated on
May 18, 2016

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