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Some changes for 2017

February 27, 2017

The Digital Farmer was launched early last year and prided itself as being AgTech's New Product hub. Over 12 months later and the site now hosts information for over 150 products. With thousands of page hits each month it appears that The Digital Farmer has become a valuable resource for Ag sector workers to find the AgTech solution that will work for them.

In recent times the sector has really consolidated. Would you believe that the iPhone celebrates it's 10 birthday this year? With the emergence of bigger screens, water proofing, rugged cases and improved reception (in some areas!) the smartphone is playing a bigger role than ever in the life of an Ag sector worker. But not everything on this site is a mobile solution and there are good reasons why. The larger screen, precise mouse pointer, faster typing and more reliable internet all provide good arguments for why the desktop computer isn't going away soon, even if many of us now prefer the laptop form factor. The desktop publishing suite and accounting software sectors are two good examples of products that don't shift easily to mobile. However, newer offerings such as Office 365, Google Docs and Xero are fully fledged productivity packages that sit within a web browser, blurring the line between app and website.

Elsewhere, many believe the cutting edge of tech to now be the application of blockchain technology. Too complicated to explain here, blockchain technology allows us to do things in the digital realm that were previously thought impossible. This new wave has collected a number of bright people in this sector, with the sites creator Tristan Shannon being one of those. He now works for AgriDigital, a company who are applying blockchain technology to sales in the grain sector. As a result of this and other factors, the ownership of The Digital Farmer has changed hands recently. After seeing that the site was looking for new management I approached Tristan with a deal that we were both happy to proceed with, and now here we are.

The site is now managed by myself and James McShane, a farmer from the central highlands of Tasmania and a two-time Tasmanian Young Farmer of the Year. James and I will manage the site day to day and contribute new content. In the interests of disclosure, we have our own AgTech product, Farmware, which we developed to fill a hole that we saw in the market that was also the exact product that James needed for this own enterprise. The Digital Farmer has never been about strong opinions and we don't intend to start now. This site is about giving you the facts and the information you need in order to make your own decision and that won't change under the new management.

There'll be more from us soon. But for now, thanks for reading and for being part of the next chapter in the Digital Farmer story.


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